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Re: Autocompletion doesn't work with kanji

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Dec 22,  3:35pm, Christoph Dittmann wrote:
> } Subject: Re: Autocompletion doesn't work with kanji
> }
> } > current sources?
> } 
> } Thanks for your answer. With the most recent cvs source (from an hour
> } ago) the error still occurs, but only after adding 2 more lines to
> } ~/.zshrc (which may be due to the Ubuntu package loading more modules by
> } default):
> } autoload -U compinit
> } compinit
> } zstyle -e ':completion:*' completer '
> }     _last_try="$HISTNO$BUFFER$CURSOR"
> }     reply=(_complete _match _ignored _prefix _files)'
> What happens if you also put
>     setopt multibyte
> in that ~/.zshrc?

Nothing different. I tried putting it at the top or at the end of
~/.zshrc, and it doesn't change anything.

> } I also noticed it only matters that $CURSOR is referenced there. I can
> } change the line to:
> }     _last_try="$CURSOR"
> } and the problem remains.
> Does it really matter if it's $CURSOR?  Or is any assignment enough?
> E.g., _last_try=constant

Assigning a constant is not enough. Assigning only $HISTNO or $BUFFER
also does not trigger the error. Only referencing $CURSOR seems to
affect it.

> } By the way, while compiling the cvs source I noticed that "yodl" is
> } required for the documentation but ./configure doesn't seem to check
> } this.
> That's intentional.  Configure checks it but simply tweaks Makefile so
> that the rest of the build won't fail.  The distribution version of zsh
> supplies the doc pre-built in another package, and the developers don't
> feel it's necessary to require binary repackagers to install yodl.

I see, thanks for the clarification.


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