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Re: rsync --progress stops completion

On 09/21/2014 11:08 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Declaring "local -a _complete_fallback_precmd" will mean that it goes
> away after the autoload of _complete_fallback is finished; so after
> that point you're just manipulating an undeclared global.

Can you explain a bit in more detail what is the difference between an
undeclared global and typeset -g? The manpage wasn't clear to me.

> Also I don't think the assignments to/from precmd_functions are going
> to do what you want, and there's no reason to do anything if the
> context isn't "command" (is there?).


> _complete_fallback()
> {
>   [[ $compstate[context] = command && $CURRENT -gt 2 ]] || return 1
>   if [[ -z $_complete_fallback_precmd || $LASTWIDGET != *complete* ]]
>   then
>     _complete_fallback_precmd=precmd
>     add-zsh-hook precmd _complete_fallback_cleanup
>     compadd -x "Completion failed, press ${${(V)KEYS}:s/\\t/TAB} for fallbacks"
>     return 0
>   fi
>   if [[ $LASTWIDGET = *complete* ]]
>   then
>     words=("$words[1]" "${(@)words[$CURRENT,-1]}")
>     CURRENT=2
>     compadd -x "fallback: enabled"
>     _compskip=default
>     _complete
>   fi
> }

Installing the handler immediately on the first go wasn't exactly "user
friendly" for me, since I would like a warning before the handler is

I would rather wrap _complete as originally suggested to say "completion
failed", but the tab thrice(tm) feels good.

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