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Re: Making file-patterns and tag-order work

also sprach Mikael Magnusson <mikachu@xxxxxxxxx> [2017-03-24 10:19 +0100]:
> Do you have this set too?
> zstyle ':completion:*' group-name ''


Now if I uncomment this, then using either form of tag- or
group-order, I get this when I hit <tab> or ^D:

  backup files
  compiled files
  temp files
  vim swap files
    foo.a     foo.c    foo.o     foo.tmp        foo.zwc
    foobar/   foo.la   foo.old   foo.txt        g
    foo.bk    foo.lo   foo.pyc   .foo.txt.swp

Seems like a step, but maybe sideways instead of forwards?

From the manpage, which says about group-name:

  If the name given is the empty string the name of the tag for the
  matches will be used as the name of the group.

it sounds like this is what I want, because the tags have their own
names already defined. And if I set group-name to "", then the files
get properly listed under the group headers I want (taken from the
tags), it's just the order of tag groups that's not correct.


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