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Re: Slightly changed copyright, new test release

> > The rest is unchanged.  The change is that the documentation is not
> > mentioned here and it is explicitely stated that it is allowed to
> > distribute modified versions of that program.  I always thought that the
> > old copyright notice allowed that as well but Richard Stallman think that
> > was not clear enough.
> Speaking of copyright, why isn't zsh under GPL?  I think it would be
> better to have a standard license, rather than zsh-specific.
> Is there a special reason why zsh shouldn't be under the GPL?

Because Paul didn't want to use the GPL license.  The original license
didn't allow commercial usage.  When I became maintainer, I convinced
Paul to let me switch zsh to a BSD style copyright (and at the time, he
specifically didn't want to use GPL).  The current copyright is from an
older Tcl/Tk distribution.

Also, part of the zsh distribution is copyright by me, but I have agreed
to use whatever copyright that Paul wants to use on the rest of the
zsh distribution.

Personally, I think Richard Stallman is just being overly paranoid
about this.  I think the current copyright is fine.


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