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Re: Solaris x86?

> Hi... I think I figured out the problem, but I can't solve it!  In the 
> FAQ, there is a mention that nawk on some systems has a bug which causes 
> the signal handling to be treated wrong.  The workaround is to use gawk.  
> That is why it compiled fine on the sparc solaris 2.5 machine but not any 
> of the pentium solaris 2.5 machines.  the sparc has gawk installed.  I 
> tried to compile gawk, and it wont compile on the pentiums either!  So, I 
> figured no big deal - I'll just use gawk on the sparc to generate the 
> correct signames.h file for the pentium, but I can't for the life of me 
> figure out how to do that. 
> You might want to add this to the Machines file if you can reproduce it - 
> Solaris 2.5's nawk doesn't work right.

The nawk on Solaris x86 should work fine (as it is from the same code
code as the one on Solaris sparc).  I suspect you are trying to use
a gcc that hasn't been installed correctly.  Did you run the script to
fix the includes when you installed gcc?


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