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Re: PATCH: updated _zstyle and cleanup of related stuff

"Bart Schaefer" wrote:
> On Jan 14,  1:57pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> } Subject: Re: PATCH: updated _zstyle and cleanup of related stuff
> }
> } Oliver wrote:
> } > I wish multiple glob qualifiers in series (e.g. *(@)(u0)) were allowed
> There's also the minor issue of how you know whether to logical-and or
> logical-or the flags together.  If you want logical-or, you still have
> to parse for the parens and stuff in the comma and new flags.

I don't see how that would work, anyway.  You've got to define the separate
parentheses as being related in one fashion or the other, and `and' is the
obvious one.  (It probably needs more work to get commas completely
consistent as it is, I didn't examine that factor.)

> Please let's not have arbitrary appending of glob quals until they are not
> BARE any more.

That's another thing we've been ducking.  In ksh-compatibility mode we can
just grab another character, such as `-' or `_' or `,' or `:'.  I can't see
any simple, friendly zsh-like way of doing it, though.  About the only
backwardly compatible way I can think of is restrict it to EXTENDED_GLOB
and use something like `(#q.)'.  The good news there is that we can make
the pattern code ignore it --- so `*(#q.)' will match any normal file for
globbing, anything at all for other forms of pattern matching.  The other
good news is this would start working straight away in the completion code,
since EXTENDED_GLOB is always on.

The other question is whether you still require them to be at the end of
the pattern, which is convenient for parsing but less justifiable as a
restriction on the syntax.  I hate having to trawl through expressions for

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