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Re: unresolvable symbol on IRIX

Ok, it is me again. The problem posted a couple of days ago still

Roland Jesse writes:

 > jesse.knecht ~ % ssh zille
 > Last login: Mon Jul  6 13:26:01 1998 from knecht
 > 25863:-zsh: rld: Fatal Error: attempted access to unresolvable symbol in -zsh: cap_get_proc
 > Connection to zille closed.
 > jesse.knecht ~ % 

I greped through the zsh (3.1.4) sources and found references to
cap_get_proc in Src/utils.c and Src/Modules/cap.c. Both files contain
a cimple function call with this name but no further references or
indications of where it comes from. At least on Solaris 2.6 and IRIX
6.4, I could not find a manpage for cap_get_proc.

I would very much appreciate if somebody could provide some
information about what library zsh needs to be linked with to make
this function call work.

	Thanks in advance,

		Roland Jesse

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