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Re: zsh's answer to the bash completion fm project

John Buttery wrote:

>   I know, but I've found that when you give people an avenue to
> contribute their own, one Lego at a time, you can often wind up with
> something pretty amazing in the end (sort of like Open Source in general
> :).  Perhaps any output from this hypothetical project could be folded
> into zsh's stock configuration periodically, at which point we would
> zero our config files and start over.
>   I've played around a lot with zsh's preloaded functions, and they are
> certainly very extensive, but there's always more stuff to do.  The
> example that pops to mind is a compctl "recipe" that allows dd to do
> filename completion on arguments that start with (for example) "if=" and
> "of=".

Ah, I see, sorry I didn't understand you.

Well, anyone on this and all neighbouring planets are invited to share
their functions with us anyway, and several people not on the -workers
list have done that in the past.

If you have the time to start a project so that we get even more
completion functions or improvements for completion functions as
input, we'd all be glad and you'll almost certainly get any support
from the -workers list we can give. 

I'm not quite sure how support for zstyle would look like, though,
because that's so user-dependent, but a list of things people can just
copy and paste into their init files might already be of great value,
I think.

And as for compctl: I don't plan to give it any support anymore and
don't care if others do. There is still that file with several
compctls in the distribution as a starting point.


Sven Wischnowsky                          wischnow@xxxxxxxxx

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