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Re: Completion and menu behavior

On Aug 11,  3:20pm, DervishD wrote:
}     Ok, I have it loaded now, exported MENUSELECT and now my TAB key
} does nothing ;)) I've checked the menuselect keymap and the TAB key
} is correctly mapped to 'menu-complete'.

The menuselect keymap is only used to navigate the list of files, after
menu selection has started.  You need to check what TAB is bound to in
your regular keymap (emacs or viins).

You also need to be sure the ALWAYS_LAST_PROMPT option is set; if it is
not, menu selection is disabled, though that shouldn't prevent normal
completion from happening.

Other than that, I have no idea.  Check whether it works with `zsh -f':

	zsh -f
	% zmodload zsh/complist
	% ls <TAB>

If that works, then there's something in your setup that's interfering.

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