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Re: incremental history search

* Bart Schaefer (2004-02-21 20:00 +0100)
> On Feb 21,  4:50pm, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
> } Both approaches are useful in certain cases but in my opinion the
> } dynamic movement to the end of the line is more useful because I
> } manipulate the end of commands more often than the beginning.
> See Functions/Zle/history-search-end in the standard distribution.
> There's even documentation for it in "man zshcontrib" (the "User
> Contributions" section of the info doc).

Yep, thanks a lot. "up-line-or-beginning-search" (mentioned in "man
zshcontrib" just beneath) is even a little bit more handy than

Now, I've bound
"bindkey "\e[A"  history-beginning-search-backward" and
"bindkey "\e[a"  up-line-or-beginning-search" which gives me the
choice with the shift key whether the cursor stays where it is or
moves to the end of the line (because both approaches are better than
the other one sometimes).

But the whole thing makes me a little sad that I don't know more of
this wonderful tool and environment called 'zsh'. It's an universe of
it's own. I read the User's Guide two years ago and still I think that
I know not more than twenty percent of zsh.

If there ever will be a book on zsh, I'll be the first to buy it.


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