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Re: Proprositions for a useful categorization of zsh options?

    Hi Aidan :)

 * Aidan Kehoe <kehoea@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
>  >     Hi Aidan :) Dia dhuit is correct? (I'm afraid I don't know much
>  > gaelic?)
> ¡Hola!, Raul, and yeah, it's correct. I wouldn't worry about learning
> Gaelic, though--it's one of the less useful European languages to have :-)

    But I really like Gaelic, I love the sound, the musicality,
etc. This summer, if I can afford the time, I would like to start
learning gaelic, seriously. Is a really beautiful language. Anyway I
love to learn languages, but I don't have the needed time :( I should
learn Català before... Well, this is OT O:)

>  >     I was meaning 'things that has to do with dirs'. Obviously, as I
>  > told in my last message to Thorsten, it is not a good name O:)
> I think Bart's answer did clear up most of the confusion about categories
> --having no "miscellaneous" options is a good indication of that, IMHO. 

    I really like the categories that Bart showed. I've saved the
message for future reference ;)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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