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Re: bindkey -v and alt-. for previous cmd arg

* DervishD (zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
>     In fact you can do both things at once:
>     bindkey -M viins '\e.' insert-last-word
Yes! And from my recent reading I see that if you bind a key to Esc using 
\e it will be mapped to alt as well.

Two things: Thanks for you help. However I haven't got complete success yet.
My initial results wre done on an xterm+zsh which has been running since
before the "upgrade" from zsh_4.0.4 to zsh_4.2.1. I couldn't duplicate the
success on a new zsh-session.

I have since downgraded back to 4.0.4 but the original behaviour hasn't
returned. I have copies of the original .zshrc, which works on other

I have 5 machines, router, laptop, work desktop, test machine, and main
machine. Unfortunately the one I use all the time is the one I can't get to

Secondly, I have to leave town for three days, so I can't work on this for a
while. You may notice me back on Monday.

It's all very strange, and to me buggy. I've noticed with some other
software that 'progress' can mean the loss of the features I like best.

See you,


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