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Re: bindkey -v and alt-. for previous cmd arg

    Hi Nick :)

 * Nick Croft <nicko@xxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> >     In fact you can do both things at once:
> >     bindkey -M viins '\e.' insert-last-word
> Yes! And from my recent reading I see that if you bind a key to Esc using 
> \e it will be mapped to alt as well.

    That doesn't happen in my system, I think that's due the keymap
settings (I refer to the Linux keymap, not the zsh one).
> My initial results wre done on an xterm+zsh which has been running since
> before the "upgrade" from zsh_4.0.4 to zsh_4.2.1. I couldn't duplicate the
> success on a new zsh-session.

    Mmm... Have you tested that the ESC-. combo works? Could you post
the output of 'bindkey'? I think that it may have to do with the
map... I've never use vi keymap under zsh, and maybe you should set
the binding in the 'vicmd' map, and not in 'viins' map (or maybe in
both of them!).
> I have 5 machines, router, laptop, work desktop, test machine, and main
> machine. Unfortunately the one I use all the time is the one I can't get to
> behave!

    That's very weird :?
> Secondly, I have to leave town for three days, so I can't work on this for a
> while. You may notice me back on Monday.

> It's all very strange, and to me buggy. I've noticed with some other
> software that 'progress' can mean the loss of the features I like best.

    This feature in particular should work, it's no more than a key
combo (and works here with 4.0.9). Let's discover the problem :)

    Have fun :)

    Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

Linux Registered User 88736
http://www.dervishd.net & http://www.pleyades.net/

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