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Re: bindkey -v and alt-. for previous cmd arg

Matthias B. sent me the following 0.9K bytes:

> > Yes! And from my recent reading I see that if you bind a key to Esc
> > using \e it will be mapped to alt as well.
> No, that's not how it works. It's just that in some terminals (the Linux
> console for example, at least with some keymaps) Alt-. produces ESC-.
> But this is by no means standard. In my Xterm, when I press Alt-. I get
> the (R) registered trademark sign and if I want to bind something to Alt-.
> I have to bind it to (R) to work in Xterm. The simplest way to find out
> what to bind against is to execute
>   cat
> and then press the key combo in question and look at what you see on
> screen. On the linux console I get this (with Alt-.)

You can also do this at the command line by hitting <Control-v> and then
pressing the key in question.  That'll save you a process!

Chris Johnson

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