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Re: code completition / cannot delete characters

At which point you would type "redisplay" and then hit return:

[hanno: /home/hanno]>
execute: redisplay

ok. I didn't know that.

Instead it appears that the six keys ESC x r e d i are being swallowed
up as a single series.  (This is the sort of thing that it's extremely
difficult to diagnose by email.)
Yes, sorry for that.

} [hanno: /home/hanno]>r-screen
} zsh: command not found: r-screen
From that:
" If not, what about: ESC x clear-screen ?"

Hrm, part 2.  Where did "r-screen" come from?  Are you running zsh
inside a terminal multiplexer such as "screen"?  Perhaps that is what
is eating some of the input keys.

No, no sreen multiplexer. Just an OSX Terminal, for ssh on FreeBSD.

} [hanno: /home/hanno]>echo $ZSH_VERSION
} 4.3.2

That's recent enough to have minimal multibyte support so the next
question is whether it's compiled in to your copy.  When you run
the command

bindkey -m

do you get a warning about multibyte support being disabled?
Yes, here it is:

[hanno: /home/hanno]>bindkey -m
bindkey: warning: `bindkey -m' disables multibyte support

} I should also mention that the german letters "ä" "ü" and "ö" are
} also not supported.

Have you tried using the insert-composed-char or insert-unicode-char
functions?  You'll need to install them:

autoload -U insert-composed-char
zle -N insert-composed-char

and then bind them to a convenient key sequence with bindkey.

Could you explain me, how to do that ?

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