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Re: code completition / cannot delete characters

Michael Worobcuk wrote:

Are you using viins key-bindings? The instructions you were given were for emacs-style, I think..

Could you explain, how I can find out ?

In which case, ^L should do clear-screen for you, and ^R will probably do redisplay.

[hanno: /home/hanno]>^L
zsh: substitution failed

Why don't you try: bindkey | egrep redisplay\|clear-screen
and see what it spits out.

I can think of a few possible explanations for what you're seeing... one would be that the termcap/terminfo entries for your terminal is wrong.

I would like to see:

- the output of:
env | egrep '^(TERM|VISUAL|EDITOR|PS1)$' | sed 's/[[:cntrl]]/?/g'

- the output of infocmp, if you have it.

- ESPECIALLY: do you have a program called "script"? If so, run it, reproduce the completion problem in the shell it spawns, and then exit that shell. It will produce a file named "typescript"; either make that available somewhere and link to it in your reply, or else send it to me directly (I'm not sure the list will appreciate such a file being sent out), and I'll post a link to it for anyone else who's interested.

Micah J. Cowan
Programmer, musician, typesetting enthusiast, gamer...

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