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Re: since 4.3.4, artifact-appearance at prompt

On Nov 5, 11:28am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Bart wrote:
} > [*] I can't make this happen no matter how fast I hammer on the enter
} > key, so I suspect this is related to other problems with slow prompts.
} I've seen it happen occasionally over a slow ssh connection.
} Could we perhaps do an stty -echo around the printing of the % up until
} the newline is printed.

It's apparent that the "\r" that is being printed at the end of the
promptsp output doesn't actually fix the problem Wayne described, or
Russell wouldn't be reporting it.  You can still get a % on a blank
line from typeahead.

On the other hand I think "stty -echo" in the midst of typeahead could
cause even more confusion.

} Is the default really printing %# (the prompt expansion) as opposed to
} a literal % character?

Yep, in fact it's "%B%S%#%s%b", see Src/utils.c:preprompt().

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