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Re: How to make ESC to cancel current completion

Hi Bart !

It's actually even better with the 'undo', as there is no delay. I also
changed the binding from '\e' to '^U' as ESC is used to switch between modes
when vi bindings are enabled !

Thanks a lot for the update :)

 -- Sébastien

2010/2/22 Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> On Feb 22,  9:50am, Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
> }
> } > In emacs style, it should work to do
> } >
> } >     bindkey '\e' send-break
> }
> } Hmm ... for me ^G kills the whole input line instead of terminating
> } completion and leaving me on 'ls '; may be it depends on options ...
> It's somewhat unpredictable.  It seems to terminate completion if the
> prefix is ambiguous but kill the whole line otherwise, but I can't pin
> down exactly when it's doing what.
> } OK, ^G would kill active menu-selection; but not standard menu
> } completion. I do not know if there is simple way to do the latter.
> I think maybe the closest you can get is to use "undo", which seems
> to successfully back up only to the point at which you hit tab.
> So, Sebastien, I'd change my advice:
>        bindkey '\e' undo

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