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Re: Zsh on Debian is beginning to rot

On 2012-09-10 20:42:15 +0200, Axel Beckert wrote:
> There are three full distributions in Debian: stable, testing and
> unstable. (For better overview I ignore oldstable and experimental.)

I wouldn't even say the experimental is a distribution; it's more a
set of packages. By that, I mean that in general, maintainers ignore
dependencies for experimental, so that things may break badly.
Upgrade from experimental packages may also easily break. After
having problems in the past (sometimes affecting new versions in
unstable due to incorrect upgrade), I now avoid experimental (except
occasionally for bug testing); in the future I would only use it in
a specific VM.

Now, this system of fixed distributions is quite rigid, and for more
flexibility, some packages are available in different versions. This
is particularly the case for GCC (e.g., gcc-4.4, gcc-4.5, gcc-4.6,
gcc-4.7, gcc-snapshot, where gcc-snapshot is only available in
unstable, so that it is not affected by the freeze at all).

For zsh, there are zsh and zsh-beta, but I don't really see the point
of having both in stable (this may have been interesting in the past,
but it seems that in the past few years, zsh has evolved slowly enough
so that only one version would be needed in stable). So, how about
removing zsh-beta from testing (hoping that it is not too late) and
make it no longer affected by freezes?

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