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Re: setopt interactivecomments

On Apr 17,  2:36pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} > zsh-newuser-install system got created.  It could use an update, but
} > is intended to walk you through enabling the stuff that you're most
} > likely to want.
} Sounds exactly right. I seem to have missed it.

It has to be in place as part of the new user home directoy skeleton to
to happen automatically, so it often isn't present, but it can be found
in Functions/Newuser/zsh-newuser-install in the zsh distribution.

} I think a few things are now so bedrock standard that we can safely
} part with the traditions of 20 years ago on some issues. What, really,
} would break if the backspace was enabled by default?

I'm a bit confused by why you keep bringing this up.  Zsh defaults to
binding both ctrl+h (backspace) and ctrl+? (del) to backward-delete-char
and has forever.  The only odd one out is when the DEL key sends some
multi-character escape sequence.

In fact more often than not for me backspace works just fine in zsh but
is messed up in other programs like vim.  That's not a shell problem,
it's a tty-driver problem.

Unless you're using zsh in vi-mode, that is, in which case ctrl+? is
not bound, but that's your own problem because vi-mode isn't the zsh
default in the first place.

} What would break if interactive comments was on by default?

I don't know how prevalent this still is, but a number of programs used
file names with # in them for backups.  It becomes one more thing you
have to quote.

Note that I'm not particularly arguing against this specific option;
this whole thread started by asking "Why" and comparing to "other
shells" -- I'm merely answering the why and pointing out that there
*IS* another shell that does not have interactive comments.

} Does anyone on Earth really not want command recall?

Not sure where that's coming from either, because basic history motions
are on by default as well.  If you're going to make straw men, at least
make them vaguely humanoid ...

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