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Re: setopt interactivecomments

On 04/17/2014 03:41 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
In fact more often than not for me backspace works just fine in zsh but
is messed up in other programs like vim.  That's not a shell problem,
it's a tty-driver problem.
All I can say is that the first time I got Linux working, it didn't work (mind,g that would have been bash) and I'm almost positive that the first time I tried zsh it didn't work either. I could be wrong about the latter of course, and it's just a for-instance anyway. I do know that when I've been forced to run zsh without any .zshrc, it's pretty raw. I don't stand on details, just the principle of the thing. Anyway, since it seems there is some sort of config helper for newbies, that's good enough for me, I'm just sad I missed it. Dunno, maybe it could be more visible. I found the nucleus of my current .zshrc on the web somewhere.
Not sure where that's coming from either, because basic history motions
are on by default as well.  If you're going to make straw men, at least
make them vaguely humanoid ...
I still have nightmares about that first experience with the shell, and what I've said was certainly true back then. Maybe I'm just having flashbacks. If we're more user friendly out of the box than I'm remembering, then I withdraw all my comments. All I can say is that, on principle, good stuff should be 'on' by default, and if tcsh didn't have it 20 years ago that shouldn't be a big concern IMHO. I certainly don't mean to be contentious. Perhaps, just to air the laundry, there could be some sort of poll of the list as to who might like something or other made a default?

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