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Re: zsh-5.2-test-3

On Dec 12,  8:28am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} BTW, why would run-help alias to man by default?

It used to be the case that zsh was frequently installed as just the
binary, without the function suite present in any usuable location,
so a lot of the defaults are arranged to make sure the shell works
under those circumstances.

} We already have man, so who need another way of running it?

Are you not using the run-help ZLE key-binding?

If you're on a command line and type ESC-h, ZLE will find the first
word on the line and invoke run-help on it.

Way, way back, that key binding just ran "man" directly; the alternate
name was introduced so "man" could be swapped for something smarter.
This happened so long ago that shell functions didn't exist yet, so
it was done by creating an alias, and it has been that way ever since.

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