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Re: zsh-5.2-test-3

On Dec 12,  9:02am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Sorry Bart I don't have any idea what you mean.

If you look at Functions/Misc/run-help in the git checkout or tarball,
you'll see

local HELPDIR="${HELPDIR:-@runhelpdir@}"

Obviously there's no directory named "@runhelpdir@".  Instead that
string is replaced by "make install" with the directory into which
the help files have been installed.

So if you've never run "make install" you have to do


for appropriate value of /where/zsh/is/built/.

If you *have* run "make install" then

    grep -m 1 HELPDIR $^fpath/run-help(N)

will show you where it thinks the help files should be, and if they're
not at that location, then they didn't get installed or something else
has caused them to be in the "wrong" place, and you need to set HELPDIR
to the right place.
} However " $ run-help zmv " finds nothing, tho it is there in 'zshall' 
} but just a single line.

The run-help function only "knows about" the same things that "which"
knows about.  If "which zmv" doesn't find anything, run-help won't

The HELPDIR files are only automatically constructed for zsh builtins,
so those are not going to assist with zmv.

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