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Re: zsh-5.2-test-3

Ray Andrews wrote on Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 13:11:05 -0800:
> On 12/12/2016 09:39 AM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> >The run-help function only "knows about" the same things that "which"
> >knows about.  If "which zmv" doesn't find anything, run-help won't
> >either.
> >
> >The HELPDIR files are only automatically constructed for zsh builtins,
> >so those are not going to assist with zmv.
> >
> Ok, thanks Bart and Daniel.  I'm a bit exhausted by these intricacies for
> now.  What seems to work for everything all the time even on Tuesdays is
> just 'man  zshall' and then Daniel's search style. And the HTML 'book' for
> more involved study.  Not to push my luck, but if I could export zshall to
> plain text I could implement my ' ~test ' conversion and just use text
> editor capabilities to navigate the thing and it would be that simple and
> maybe fun.

You could just read the yodl source (Doc/Zsh/*.yo).  The markup is
pretty simple.  E.g., to find the documentation of the `test' builtin,
search for `item(tt(test)'.

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