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Re: help with installing and correctly configuring zsh on an amd 64 box running gentoo stable

Many thanks for the  help and advice.

As well as installing zsh and powerlevel 10k on the gentoo install I have I
also did it with ubuntu.  Ubuntu is easier because prepared binary packages
are available to install things including the nerd fonts.

When i installed powerlevel10k using the omyzsh instructions I could get it
to run.

So I used the standard manual install instructions and it ended up in the
/root directory.  When I put that path into the .zshrc and ran exec zsh as
a user powerlevel 10k began to run.

The wizard ran and I set up a dozen or so prompt environment parameters and
at the end noticed a warning message:

Apply changes to ~/.zshrc?

   WARNING: ~/.zshrc is readonly and not owned by the user. Cannot modify

(y)  Yes (disabled).

(n)  No. I know which changes to apply and will do it myself.

(r)  Restart from the beginning.
(q)  Quit and do nothing.

Choice [nrq]:

This meant I could not save the chosen options and carry on with them.

What sort of problem is this?

is it a file permissions problem?

I did not get that problem with the gentoo install.

Comments appreciated.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author