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Re: Better Help Docs Searching?

> On 03 August 2021 at 10:40 Zach Riggle <zachriggle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ## Building Docs from Source
> Thanks for the information.  I might be misinterpreting your
> information ("earlier stage...uses what's there") so I tried a "make
> all" and the Docs/ directory seems to be in an even worse situation.
> I also took "If you don't have Yodl" to mean "not having Yodl
> installed / a yodl binary in $PATH".  I don't see anything that I can
> "brew install" that handles this, and having checked out the source
> code for yodl (https://gitlab.com/fbb-git/yodl.git).  Building YODL
> itself requires "icmake" which is unavailable, and not installable via
> "brew" (Homebrew).

Yes, you do need the Yodl package (binary plus other files, so it's not
trivial) if you want to get all the way yourself.

Sorry I was unclear --- the Doc package comes from the source *site*, not
within the source distribution.  So latest (a little out of date but should
be absolutely fine for your needs) is at


BTW as you were asking about other sources of help offlist, but this is more
widely useful:  there is an active chat group that recently moved servers, though I don't
use it myself.  This should definitely go in the FAQ.  I think the following is up to date
(despite the misleading date associated with the page, you'll see the message has been
recently updated):



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