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Re: Best practices for managing aliases in ohmyzsh?

Now I'm wondering if there is some similar mechanism for adding aliases with ohmyzsh. If not, what's everyone else doing who has a couple hundred aliases. Are you just throwing them all into .zshrc or doing something to help manage all your aliases?

I'm the least qualified guy on the list, but I can tell you that you
can take advantage of all the built in complexities that zsh offers or
you can make it as dead simple as you desire.  

Yes, I spent about 2 hours today figuring out how to get my old bash functions automatically loaded. Previously, I was just using 'source' to load the old bash files which, from what I gathered, is not the best way with zsh.

I'm thinking there is probably a good tutorial out there for bash->zsh converts. i'll google around. If you know of any offhand, please let me know.

Me, I have just the
one automatically looked for file '.zshrc' in the home directory which
points to my 'real' zshrc which in turn loads all sorts of subsidiary

Now you've got me wondering. While I was bumbling around today, I noticed I had an ~/.oh-my-zsh/.zshrc file. I'm only using the ~/.zshrc file, though. It has just one line: ZSH_THEME="powerlevel9k/powerlevel9k". I'm guessing that's the default because I don't remember editing it.

So what is the "real" .zszhrc supposed to be?

files organized however one might desire, and yes one of them contains
all my aliases.   Just organize things as you wish.

OK, thanks for the feedback.

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