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Re: Best practices for managing aliases in ohmyzsh?

On 2021-08-30 4:22 p.m., Steve Dondley wrote:

Yes, I spent about 2 hours today figuring out how to get my old bash functions automatically loaded. Previously, I was just using 'source' to load the old bash files which, from what I gathered, is not the best way with zsh.
That's all I ever do.  They're scripts, so you source them.  I'm unfamiliar with bash, but just off hand, I'm wondering what else *but* source them would even be possible.   Except for the automatically called files of course which will automatically be sourced if they exist.

Now you've got me wondering. While I was bumbling around today, I noticed I had an ~/.oh-my-zsh/.zshrc file. I'm only using the ~/.zshrc file, though. It has just one line: ZSH_THEME="powerlevel9k/powerlevel9k". I'm guessing that's the default because I don't remember editing it.

Personally I just hate all the automatic stuff, you have files being accessed that you might not even know exist.  Fine for the adept of course, but when I was learning zsh I killed all of them just so I could be sure of what was going on.

So what is the "real" .zszhrc supposed to be?
The docs are pretty readable as to the startup protocols, but at the very least '.zshrc' should be in your home directory.  God knows what oh-my-zsh does.  Never used it, but around here the feeling one gets is that it's not the fashion -- reputation is that it's too much desert and not enough dinner if you get me.  My own philosophy is to keep things a simple as possible.  I end up saying 'oh my!' enough as it is ;-)

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