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Re: zsh function breaks after error

On 2022-02-10 09:20, Thomas Lauer wrote:

(there are so many
options there that I have no idea when or even why I did include this).

When I first got involved I learned to turn absolutely everything 'config' off except for my one and only .zshrc file so that I'd at least know where to look if things went strange.  Then I picked a sample .zshrc on faith off the internet and slowly by trial and error figured out what half of it does.  The other half is still a mystery, mostly the 'complete completer completion completing' stuff -- and I get the feeling no one really understands it fully anyway. Like  with everything else, the docs assume you are already an expert.  But a beginner's guide to configuration would have sure been nice.  I bitched about this a little bit: the setup utility should offer you several config options complete with a brief description of what each one offers.  Mind, I was coming from DOS whereas most zsh converts are already shell experts, so my culture shock was much worse than for most.

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