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Re: zsh function breaks after error

> From: "Thomas Paulsen" <thomas.paulsen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> --- Ursprüngliche Nachricht ---
> Von: Ray Andrews <rayandrews@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Datum: 10.02.2022 22:26:02
> An: zsh-users@xxxxxxx
> Betreff: Re: zsh function breaks after error
> On 2022-02-10 09:20, Thomas Lauer wrote:
> >
> > (there are so many
> > options there that I have no idea when or even why I did include this).
> >mostly the 'complete completer completion completing' stuff -- and I get the 
> feeling no one really understands it fully anyway. 
> I understand and think, we should work out a commented .zshrc step by step project, archiving it, so any newbie has a chance to work out a working .zshrc by himself.

This would certainly help but many things zsh are interconnected in a
way that means that you have to understand something in order to
understand something else... but to understand the first thing you have
to understand the second (I am exaggerating but in a way reading and
trying to digest the zsh docs did remind me of the time when I went
through the Big Blue Book of KIM (this was a 6502-based "microcomputer"
as these things were called then) and tried to understand the 6502 and
its assembler language. I read this book three times before I had the
first tiny glimmer of understanding what it was all about and it took me
another two times to get to grips with the 6502.)

Anyway, if such a project comes into being I would be willing to help
within my capabilities and time constraints. I have written loads of
tech docs over the years so perhaps I could add some value.


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