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Re: path PATH

On 2023-01-22 18:59, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:

I would actually argue that the answer to your strawman question
is "yes",
Sure.  Sometimes merely the disk space used by a useless function should recommend it be purged.  I'll leave it to wiser people to make that decision in this case.  I like it, but it's 'official' fate is not my decision.

What I actually said (as opposed to the lie you just told) is that
I think it is inappropriate for the shell to natively duplicate
functionality that already exists, merely to provide an alternate
visual representation that you personally like better.

The output given by DP is unique otherwise it wouldn't have been written.  I'd rather say it harnesses exiting functionality in a useful way.  Every line of  computer software ever written is in some way a duplication of something that might be done by more primitive (using the term non-pejoratively I just mean by more basic) methods.  Programmers assemble simple instructions into more complex collections of instructions to achieve efficiency. DP is an example.  A dozen lines that give a very nice output IMHO.

BTW I'm not righteous, I'm a greasy plebe.  I'm usually wrong. This entire thread is a chain of mistakes on my part.  Mistakes within mistakes.  I've been with zsh almost 10 years and I still rate myself a C-.  But I have a talent for clarity and I know it when I see it.   Occasionally I'm right, and this is one of those times.  But there's nothing to argue about, I'm not a dev and the decision is not mine. Your voice will carry far more weight than mine and that's as it should be.  But I like it.

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