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Re: (j.|.)

On 2023-02-01 16:43, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:

I can't reproduce your results.  Try again in a clean shell, perhaps.

Neither can I :(  These first explorations are very chaotic, it's hard to be sure what I did.  Probably forgot to unset the var. Anyway that returns to the original point that:

    scalar-left-right_zeros zz='  Howdy  '

... is a strange construction.  All my fooling around is meant to see both what the various options to typeset are going to do in practice, and also what attribute descriptions will show up.  So far the above is the only one that seems strange.  Basically it all very tight.  Perhaps a 'global' description would be nice. Other than that the only ambiguity is that decimal floats aren't distinguished from  scientific notation floats.  For once zsh is going the distance providing really readable and complete descriptions of something.

integer-readonly-hide-hideval-special:  ZCURSES_COLOR_PAIRS =

... could hardly be more helpful.

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