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Re: About menu selection (again)

On Aug 13,  8:50pm, DervishD wrote:
}     Well, when my login zsh starts, the only modules that are loaded
} are zsh/zle and zsh/main. zsh/compctl is not there.

Is that also the case when you start `zsh -f'?

} Maybe I'm not
} invoking any builtin in my rc's so compctl is autoloaded :??

That can't be, either, because `zsh -f' doesn't read your rc's ...

}     Yes, they are statically linked. I'm having an idea... What if I
} configured compctl prior to compilation as being statically linked
} but NOT autoloaded (I mean, with load=no in the .mdd file)?

That might be it, but since you said later that pressing TAB causes it
to autoload, it must not be.

On Aug 13,  8:55pm, DervishD wrote:
}     As I told you, zsh/compctl is not loaded at first. Well, as soon
} as I press TAB, both zsh/compctl and zsh/complete are loaded, but if
} zsh/complist is loaded, then *only* zsh/complete is loaded too at the
} same time and zsh/compctl is not loaded at all...

Aha.  We have a winner.

The default startup code explicitly loads both zsh/zle and zsh/compctl if
zsh/zle has not already been loaded.  Anything in your rc files that
causes zsh/zle to be loaded, including bindkey, causes zsh/compctl to be
skipped at startup.

Next, the completion code loads zsh/compctl only if zsh/complete is not
already loaded, but zsh/complist has a dependency on zsh/complete and
zsh/zle, so if you load zsh/complist explicitly it blocks all possible
routes to zsh/compctl except explicit autoloading or a compctl command.

Whew.  This should probably be considered a bug, but the only way I can
think of to fix it is to use a different module than zsh/complete as the
test for whether a completion system other than compctl is in use.

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