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Re: Libtool/zsh quoting problem

    Hi David :)

 * David <david@xxxxxxxxxxxx> dixit:
> On Feb 10 at 12:34:19, DervishD wrote:
> > > I know. Libtool is quoting positional parameters which has shell
> > > metacharacters in them. But it's no working because the string is
> > > already split in that point. I've been looking at the libtool
> > > script and i think the problem is in a 'for arg in' that it's
> > > failing with zsh in doing the right splitting.
> > 
> >     That's weird, because zsh doesn't split arguments at spaces in
> > arguments to the for loop, unless SH_WORDSPLIT is set.
> It's just a guess, i'm not sure if the problem is there.

    But you probably are right, because the for loop is one of the
points where the list can be splitted.
> >     that won't work!. The option will be reset as soon as zsh is
> > invoked again as /bin/sh because it will be running in "sh" emulation
> > mode (so to say).
> When zsh is invoked as /bin/sh, shwordsplit is disabled, so that's
> why i though that something went wrong because libtool was receiving
> splitted parameters.

    You're having another problem, David, because when invoked as
/bin/sh, SH_WORD_SPLIT must be enabled (well, set), as you can read
in the Zsh manual (sections 3.2 and 15.2.10). If yours have that
option disabled, then there is a problem in your RCs :((
> It happens with all zsh versions and libtool versions. I tested
> with zsh-2.4.0 and zsh-4.3.0-dev-2 and several libtool 1.5.XX
> versions, from 1.5.6 to 1.5.22.

    OK, I'll take a look. Have you prepared any kind of test case
with only libtool? Some simple command to reproduce the problem, if
any, so I can avoid compiling a whole package to isolate the bug.

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