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Re: completion bug in UTF-8 locale

Hi Peter,

On Aug 30 at 04:54:15, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> > Is this after plain "zsh -f"?  I can see the problem there, although I
> > may not have a chance to look at it for a while since I'm in the middle
> > of some holiday (it's probably a fairly trivial missing piece of Meta
> > handling again).
> This fixes the problem in this case, although I still don't know if this is
> the only problem.  This isn't new with MULTIBYTE_SUPPORT, although in the
> case of this character you'd be seeing other strange effects if you didn't
> have that turned on.

Great! That patch did the trick. I've tested it with another directories with
different characters and with subdirectories and completion works in all cases.
And yes, i was using old style completion, with no compinit at all loaded.

Thanks for fixing this in your holiday ;-)


David Gómez                                      Jabber ID: davidge@xxxxxxxxxx

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