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Re: Mailing list archive suggestion

On Tuesday 2006-09-19 22:06 -0700, Bart Schaefer output:
:On Sep 19, 11:54am, Geoff Wing wrote:
:} Not easily that I can tell.  I've set the indexing to be sorted by date
:} with most recent first and it's sort of doing it now
:Hmm, thanks for trying this, Geoff, but I really want only the search
:results in reverse date order, not the default index display.

I meant the glimpse database index (which is the order in which results are
displayed).  The mhonarc HTML index pages should be the same.

:} but because of the way mhonarc updates previous files with references,
:} etc. some files may appear out of order.
:Given that, I find it's unfortunately a bit too confusing to use in the
:browsing mode.  The way it was before was better.  My apologies.

I have (|pretended to have) been clever and have come up with a different
approach.  A quick test indicates it's OK.  See if it's working as expected.


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