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Re: Is wait not interruptable?

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> Note that the important thing through this whole section is that
> last_signal is sane, so that we don't end up waiting for the wrong
> child if both a SIGCHLD and some other signal arrive during the
> signal_suspend().  (I may be missing a detail that makes that comment
> irrelevant.)

I don't think there should be a problem with signal ordering.  It's not
affected by the changes to traps --- none of the code I touched affects
last_signal, except, obviously, the fact that we may now handle some
signals earlier; but we had to be prepared to handle signals at that
point anyway.

> } One slight difference is that in zwaitjob() we'll delay traps to wait
> } for the entire foreground job, not just the first process to exit.
> Is that affected by TRAPS_ASYNC?

Yes, if TRAPS_ASYNC is set (or we're at the wait builtin) we'd have
handled the trap already.  The difference is only if we'd otherwise have
been delaying signal delivery.

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