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Re: problems with 4.3.4 and Tru64

On Thu, 10 May 2007, Peter Stephenson wrote:

Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
'unset LANG' doesn't seem to help, and setopt doesn't show multibyte
even if I try to load it. So it somehow fails to load, apparently?

It occurs to me this may simply be confusion because if multibyte is
on by default, it doesn't show up with "setopt" because that shows options
changed from the default.  Try also "setopt kshoptionprint".  Then you
should be able to see the state of multibyte with a further "setopt".  It
should now show up as "nomultibyte off", i.e. no change from the default
state of multibyte on.

That's right, it shows "nomultibyte off".

(If that's not the problem: check that


is present in config.h.  If that's the case, multibyte support should be
compiled into the main shell and turned on by default.  Does "setopt
multibyte" give an error?  I presume it doesn't, but if it does, it may be
the wrong version of the shell.)

Doesn't give any error.

If that's all it is, and multibyte mode is on, see if something brutal does
the trick:

(unset LANG; unset -m 'LC_*'; export LC_ALL=fi_FI.UTF-8; zsh -f)

no change :/



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