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Re: Issue with history

Hi again,

thanks for your response.

I've just rebooted, and `history 1` function gives me an arbitrary command, which I hit yesterday evening.
If I hit `history 1` again, the cursors switches to the next function.

Something else I have noticed, if I edit the history file, I get the 
: 1331806147:0;history 0
: 1331806161:0;fc

notation. But it seems that only the history of current instance(s) has such additional informations.

And the zsh -x -i or -l does not give a lot of differences as far as I understand.

I'll let you know if I find more information on that.
I think I'll create a h() function which will just call grep on my history file :p


Le 15 mars 2012 à 01:58, Bart Schaefer a écrit :

> On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 2:59 AM, François <aifsair@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> There is still a big change that appeared in my .zsh_history:
>> […]
>> vim .emacs
>> find . -name '*.c'
>> open -a emacs  Downloads/ddns-1.0/message.c
> So, where did you execute those particular commands?
> It begins to appear that you (unintentionally) have history configured
> differently for login shells as compared to other interactive shells.
> For example, /etc/zlogin may be resetting some history options and
> thereby replacing the ones that you have in your .zshrc.
> Try running
> zsh -x -i 2> /tmp/zshxi
> zsh -x -l 2> /tmp/zshxl
> diff -u /tmp/zshxi /tmp/zshxl | more
> then search through the diff for unexpected setopt commands, etc.

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