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Re: zle: vi mode: wrong undo handling on fresh lines

On Feb 7,  3:43pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} > -    if (undoing)
} > -	setlastline();
} > +    setlastline();
} I think this line should just
} be removed as it doesn't make much sense anyway.

It's quite possible that whatever effect that was supposed to have has
been obsoleted by other code added in the last 14+ years!
} It was added in workers/8590 (a reply to 8574). Removing it doesn't seem
} to cause problems that I can find though the examples in 8574 seem
} broken in other ways.

I tried all the examples in 8574 except for the last (undo-related) few.
They all worked for me ... however I didn't go so far as to try them
with no styles at all.

One thing about the "ls /u/i/s*/f*.h<TAB>" example ... although it works,
on my machine there are two matches ("sys" and "selinux") for the "s*"
component, and when those are presented in a menu the cursor remains at
the end of the word so there's no simple way to chose one of the two
and then continue expanding "f*.h".  You have to hit left/right or
space/backspace to interrupt cycling between those two choices before
hitting TAB again.

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