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Re: Pre-5.0.5 part 3: Heuristic for ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT

On Feb 17,  5:12pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} I just updated zsh for the first time since before all this, and
} setting ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0 breaks the display for me (or with the
} heuristics, not setting it to 1).

With xterm (and I presume with urxvt) you need ReverseWrap: true for
a zero indent to work correctly.  The default is false, at least for
xterm (I don't use/have installed urxvt to check).  This default
ought to be reported correctly by terminfo, but it's quite possible
that it is not, in which case the heuristic would get it wrong.  It is
after all a heuristic, not a perfect test.

A dump of the key/value pairs in $terminfo might be instructive.

} I'm using urxvt and it does seem to somewhat work if I just set
} RPS1=hello, but not with my actual rprompt.

I don't can't reproduce any difference between having a plain string
prompt and having one with bold/nobold etc., but it's not beyond the
realm of imagination that an emulator would (incorrectly) treat such
controls as "printing beyond the margin".

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