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Re: Pre-5.0.5 part 3: Heuristic for ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT

On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 7:34 PM, Bart Schaefer
<schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Feb 17,  5:12pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
> }
> } I just updated zsh for the first time since before all this, and
> } setting ZLE_RPROMPT_INDENT=0 breaks the display for me (or with the
> } heuristics, not setting it to 1).
> With xterm (and I presume with urxvt) you need ReverseWrap: true for
> a zero indent to work correctly.  The default is false, at least for
> xterm (I don't use/have installed urxvt to check).  This default
> ought to be reported correctly by terminfo, but it's quite possible
> that it is not, in which case the heuristic would get it wrong.  It is
> after all a heuristic, not a perfect test.
> A dump of the key/value pairs in $terminfo might be instructive.
> } I'm using urxvt and it does seem to somewhat work if I just set
> } RPS1=hello, but not with my actual rprompt.
> I don't can't reproduce any difference between having a plain string
> prompt and having one with bold/nobold etc., but it's not beyond the
> realm of imagination that an emulator would (incorrectly) treat such
> controls as "printing beyond the margin".

I get the glitch when the resulting string is empty, but still prints
something. Eg,
produce the error while
RPS1=' %b'
RPS1='%f '

Mikael Magnusson

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