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Re: Live Clock Causes Directory Flashing In URxvt & XTerm

On Jun 9,  2:50am, S M wrote:
} So as example, 'cd /etc/' then tap tab to see the directory, try this in a
} directory with a small amount of directories, or open the term full screen
} to see a huge directory, but play with it, and at that point the terminal
} starts flashing.

This is happening because the completion list gets erased and redrawn each
time there is a 'zle reset-prompt' call.  This in turn happens because
zle doesn't know whether the prompt changed size (new number of lines,
etc.) since the last time it was repainted, and the completion listing
code is a pluggable module that doesn't know what else zle may have done,
so the only way they can collectively be sure to keep a clean display is
to do a full refresh.

Consider putting the live clock in your terminal title bar instead of in
the prompt, or update it less than once per second as you've already

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