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Re: first adventures

On 10/26/2014 02:04 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
On Oct 26, 12:57pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
It's read one character at a time and each character is then metafied
before being aggregated into the string buffer.
I see, so the raw string never exists. I'd never contemplate doing it that way, but
I suppose there's a reason for it.
Partly this is from separating ZLE into a module years after the shell
was first written.  It's designed so that somebody else could write and
plug in a different line editor module, but no one got that ambitious.
I remember reading about that. It would seem to me that ZLE is profoundly part of the
shell, so that's a bit wierd, but ...
Are you sure that you're actually executing the correct binary when you
are running interactively?  Maybe a startup file is "exec"-ing another
path?  What happens if you start zsh with the -v option?
Right again Bart. My last Debian upgrade seems to have reset my /etc/alternative/zsh* links back to /bin/zsh5, which is the normal thing with Debian. So I've been flogging the
wrong horse ;-)

So now I see the command there. What is this 'bangchar' you mention?

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