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Re: Zsh bugfixes released by RedHat

On Nov 6,  9:15pm, Axel Beckert wrote:
} > Technically they are supposed to offer the patch to us, although zsh's
} > license is not as clingy that way as the GNU license for example.
} JFTR: The GNU General Public License does not require that any
} modification made to software under the GNU GPL is sent back to the
} _author_ of the software.

Right, I was being too non-specific when I used the word "us".  I meant
they should offer the patch to anyone to whom they offer the binary.
Since I'm getting the errata notice about the new binary, technically
I should have access to the patch.  Which I do, it's just a PITA to
download the entire .src.rpm and extract it.

But they're also not required to make it *easy* to get the patch ...

So thank you to the folks who did that for me, and hopefully RedHat
will see the change I just pushed and pick that up instead.

And also thanks to the Debian and other distribution folks who watch
this list and voluntarily send us back the diffs for bugs they find,
rather than making us dig them out of a package manager bundle.

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