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Re: PATCH: hist: remove wrong NULL terminator

On 01/10/2015 02:04 PM, Lawrence Velázquez wrote:
Surely you are familiar with the concept of connotation, whether
intentional or not. Compare this…

     "This bug seems like it could have been caught sooner with
     better testing and code auditing. Is there a reason you don't do
     more of that? Here are some suggestions for making testing
     easier and more robust."


     "WOW, this is a REALLY DUMB MISTAKE. How could a bunch of people
     who are *so smart* make such a _boneheaded_ blunder? It confuses
     me because I'm used to a development culture that puts software
     quality *first*. I'm not commenting on anything, just asking
     a question."


"In what environment does that sort of thing happen? Is it really
that important anyway? How should I view this? We'd have considered
that serious in DOS, but maybe it's a detail here. Looks like we need
more testers? That's me! OTOH, it seems that zsh/linux code is just
naturally more robust, maybe?  Seems so. Is this 'bad' or just par for
the course, I wonder. So many added layers!  Must it be so? Perhaps
I need a complete change in how I view a code defect."

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