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Re: PATCH: highlight pasted text

On 19/07/15 04:50, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
> How about the following patch? This adds another special token to
> zle_highlight. So you can do, e.g: zle_highlight+=( paste:bg=87 )
> This applies also for vi put and emacs yank commands.

This is sweet. I can safely say this gives a great indication of the
state of the shell, and fixes the behavior of the literal paste in any

But chopping off that newline if it's the last character... hmm, I still
think that's a good idea.

> Text from a bracketed paste is now added to the cutbuffer. As far as
> I can tell, this seems to actually also be what the GUI mode of emacs
> does. Though emacs is perhaps not putting duplicates in. It'd be good if
> some actual emacs users could check that it all makes sense, however.

It matches the default behavior of 24.* at least.

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