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Re: Codespell report for "zsh" (on fossies.org)

Hi Mikael,

On 1/9/20, Fossies Administrator <Jens.Schleusener@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Wow, since I saw that already many corrections are done (Mikael?)
I created just a new report (excluding all the files */Etc/ChangeLog-*):


Looks much better!



Hi, I should probably have checked in the irc channel, seems like me
and Daniel did the same thing :). I picked up just a few changes that
he missed and vice versa. I think the ones remaining in the latest
report above we both left out on purpose, eg they are acceptable
alternate spellings. I guess convertable is technically wrong, but
convertible just sounds like a car :).


I'm impressed how fast this not very important issue was nevertheless solved!



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