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Re: P01privileged fails on CentOS/Fedora (a simple permission issue)

> 2020/03/13 3:11, dana <dana@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 11 Mar 2020, at 15:26, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> What about reading the UID/GID of the directory to assign defaults of
> Thanks. Had to double-check this.
> This will help, if (1) we use the directory owner for the EUID and (2) we get
> rid of anything in the test file that tries to set the test shell's EUID to
> something besides the owner or root.
> Right now, only the very first test (the one that failed for Jun) does that. I
> *think* it's probably fine to eliminate it, since it's a bit redundant in this
> particular case... but it'll break again if we ever try to re-add a similar
> check.

With the patch P01 (with sudo) succeeds on Fedora.

Personally I feel it's simpler to use relative path, but have no objection
to using UID of ZTST_tesdir.

# If you don't like hard-coding the directory name we can pass it from
# Test/Makefile.in, via a variable like ZTST_moddir, to ztst.zsh (line 38)
# and use it in P01privileged.ztst.

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