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Re: P01privileged fails on CentOS/Fedora (a simple permission issue)

On 13 Mar 2020, at 05:16, Jun T <takimoto-j@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Personally I feel it's simpler to use relative path, but have no objection
> to using UID of ZTST_tesdir.
> # If you don't like hard-coding the directory name we can pass it from
> # Test/Makefile.in, via a variable like ZTST_moddir, to ztst.zsh (line 38)
> # and use it in P01privileged.ztst.

You're definitely right that it's simpler that way.

I'm less worried about the name of the directory than about its location,
which i'm not sure is in the test file's purview. If it's alright for it to
make the assumption that the module directory is under $ZTST_dir then we could
simply use ${module_path#$ZTST_dir/}. I would be OK with that compromise.

Though — and i'm absolutely rationalising after the fact now — using the UID
of the test directory will also take care of the case where the repo itself
has been cloned with umask 027 or 077 (unless it's owned by root...).

Does that justify the complexity? I don't know


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